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Welcome to the City of Edgewood Online Portal!

To learn more about using our Portal, please view the Public Portal User Guide.

Online Permit Submittal Process – Overview

For instructions on submitting for a specific permit by type, please visit our website (Link Coming Soon!)

Application process

1. Open the City of Edgewood Online Portal, and sign-up or login to your Portal Account.

*If you have applied for a permit before creating your Portal Account, contact us ( for a portal access code that will link your previous permits to your online account.

2. Once logged in, first select Applications and then select Apply Online.

3. Please select the correct category and application type within the permit wizard. If you have questions regarding the correct application type, please call 253-952-3299 for help.

4. At the end of the wizard you will be asked to “submit application.” By clicking on the “submit application” button, a file number will be created. Creating a file number does not complete the application process. On the subsequent page, you will have the opportunity to upload the required supporting documents. Detailed information regarding each required document is on our website at (Link Coming Soon!)

5. Creating a file number allows City staff to check applications and verify the required information was entered. Within two (2) business days, a staff member will contact you directly with information regarding the next steps. If additional information is needed, you will be asked to provide the missing details. If all information is verified correct, you will be informed of the required permit fees that will be calculated and made available to pay.

6. Upon payment receipt*, your application becomes a permit record and we will begin the review process. Fees can be paid online through the Smartgov portal, by check via U.S. mail, or in person at City Hall. If your mail your check, then please include the file number. e.g., 18-1234, in the memo line to ensure it is applied to the correct application. If no file number is indicated, the payment cannot be associated with the permit record and will be returned to sender for correction.

*Note certain permit types only collect review fees up front. All remaining fees will be paid at issuance.

7. During the permit application review, you will be able to track progress from the online portal. Simply login, go to your ‘My Applications’ page, and select the permit. You have access to all of the permit details, including Approval Steps. If any additional information or corrections are required, you will be contacted directly by the permit reviewer.

8.Once your application is approved, your permit will be ready to issue–pending payment of any final fees. Upon final payment, your application will become a permit and your approved documents will be available to print from the portal. If any special conditions apply, they will be noted on your portal account. Please review these carefully.



Please visit (Link Coming Soon!) for permit specific instructions and definitions of required submittals.

Files submitted online must meet the following criteria:

Standard File Naming

  • Each File must be named for the specific document it represents followed by the date of submittal.
    • EXAMPLE: Construction Drawings_03.25.18

Plan Set files must be:

  • Vector Files – No scans;
  • less than 500 MB;
  • unlocked to allow for markups;
  • Landscape Orientation; and
  • TrueType Fonts at 10 point or larger size.

Revision Submittals

  • Revisions need to be submitted in complete form.
  • Revisions submitted after approval or permit issuance must be submitted as single page revisions for plan sets, but full document sets for all others.
  • Revisions must be named using standard file naming with ‘revised’ notated at the end.
    • EXAMPLE: Construction Drawings_03.25.18 REVISED



Inspections can be requested through the portal. Please leave your contact name and number in the comment box.

Inspections are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis; however, City staff will always attempt to accommodate any specifically requested date and time. Please make sure to check the final scheduled date to verify the specific time your inspection was scheduled.

You may also request inspections by calling City Hall at 253-952-3299.

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